Email Autoresponders – John McIntyre

An email autoresponder is one of the greatest assets in a business. Guest John McIntyre shares a framework for creating email auto responders that get opened, keep the readers engaged, and position products to increase sales.

1:16 He was struggling and was only making $100 a month from his website… until he focused on email marketing

3:40 How email marketing is different than writing sales letters

5:14 HIPS framework for writing email copy Hook Interest Parable (with moral) Slide (slide into pitch)

9:50 Why marketing should only be for the target prospect

11:02 How he gets into the email writing process

12:40 His process for finding your voice in your email copy

Email #1 – Welcome, ask the question “what’s your ideal outcome?”, have them reply to email (boosts sender score)

Email #2 – He includes an image and link in this email to get them trained to click images and links

18:50 Teach the WHAT and sell the HOW (if you’re selling information products this is critical)

19:45 What happens when you’re scared to sell?

22:35 The things that are more important than subject lines

24:17 How to date your subscriber

27:21 The amount of emails you should have in your sequence

29:42 Check out John’s podcast: email marketing podcast

31:13 The 48hr challenge

33:36 His biggest regret with email marketing

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